Kendall Katwalk

Hiked Kendall Katwalk on a humid day. Much harder than I remembered! Over 9 miles and 1800 ft of elevation gain. Momma bear and baby bear sighted yesterday, but we didn’t see it today. Some fall colors!


Mirror Lake

Hiked to Mirror Lake via PCT. Super quiet trail, with a very pretty lake (actually very similar to the popular Annette Lake)





We inherited some daylilies from the previous owner of our house. In spring I mixed organic flower food in the ground around them. They have been blooming non-stop this year. In late August when our Fushias and some of our annuals are getting thin, our daylilies are blooming more than ever.

Princess Alexandra of Kent

I planted Princess Alexandra of Kent in a large container next to the patio for its beautiful blooms and delicious fragrance. She has huge flowers that changes in color from coral, to a warm rosy pink, to almost mauve and pretty princess pink. Under the sun its flowers look almost like coral color. It does not have a strong fragrance yet, although it is said to be one of the most fragrant David Austin roses after a couple of years.  It developed quite a bit of mildew, mainly due to suffering from the water run off from the hanging Fuchsias. I moved its pot away from the Fuchsias and sprayed with organic rose mildew solution for a couple of times (applied once per week). Seems to be recovering well! Isn’t it glorious!

Roald Dahl Rose

Daron and I went hiking for a few days. When we came back, we were surprised to see our Roald Dahl rose has twenty six perfect, charming flowers in bloom! Not only that, its sweet, fruity fragrance is so lovely! The flowers are not as big as those of Graham Thomas, but Roald Dahl makes it up by having clusters and clusters of flowers on a single plant. The flowers are delicate, charming, with perfect shades of apricot, yellow, and a hint of peach. They are prolific flowers that bloom wave after wave. By late August, the flowers seem to take on a stronger, deeper orange color as well.

Princess Anne

Although this rose is not as big as the others, the Princess Anne is unique with clusters of brilliant pink flowers with a hint of yellow in the center. Its leaves are super handsome too: they have a perfect shape with dark green vines running through them. The entire plant forms a nice, healthy, and beautiful shape. The flowers do not stay on their stems more than a couple of days.

Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’

I’ve been eyeing Crocosmia for a few years now. I love them for their deep red spikes of flowers, the graceful arc swinging in the wind and their dark green sword like leaves. They remind me of birds of paradise flowers in Hawaii. I ordered from Bellevue Nursery as soon as they had Crocosmia in stock. We planted them in a big wine barrel planter under our very tall Douglas fir trees. The spot is super sunny and dry. They’ve been blooming brilliantly since mid June. Humming birds love them. Our residential humming bird has moved to the Crocosmia plants from its favorite fuchsia plant.

Graham Thomas

I got Graham Thomas because of a beautiful picture of cascading yellow roses on a castle wall. Yellow roses make me happy. We planted it next to the patio – it gets a lot of sun but the soil is poor and shallow on top of the foundation of the house. Nevertheless it has settled and grown into a strong, healthy plant, rewarding us with flawless, large flowers combining rich, yellow blooms and light, sweet fragrance.

Ancient Mariner

A lovely David Austin Rose that is strong and healthy like the ancient mariners! What I like about this rose is that the color of the flower changes as the bud opens up. The bud starts white with just a hint of pink. Then suddenly it opens up to a surprising, pretty lavender! It’s large, elegant flowers and pure pink color make it look like a queen in my book. It is supposed to have strong fragrance after a couple of years. I’ll be waiting! Their flowers don’t stay on the stem for long – the pedals turn white and then fall gracefully to the ground, which reminds me of the falling cherry blossoms and time passing us by.