Princess Anne

Although this rose is not as big as the others, the Princess Anne is unique with clusters of dark pink flowers. Its leaves are super handsome too: they have a perfect shape with dark green vines running through them. The entire plant forms a nice, healthy, and beautiful shape.


Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’

I’ve been eyeing Crocosmia for a few years now. I love them for their deep red spikes of flowers, the graceful arc swinging in the wind and their dark green sword like leaves. They remind me of birds of paradise flowers in Hawaii. I ordered from Bellevue Nursery as soon as they had Crocosmia in stock. We planted them in a big wine barrel planter under our very tall Douglas fir trees. The spot is super sunny and dry. They’ve been blooming brilliantly since mid June. Humming birds love them. Our residential humming bird has moved to the Crocosmia plants from its favorite fuchsia plant.

Graham Thomas

I got Graham Thomas because of a beautiful picture of cascading yellow roses on a castle wall. Yellow roses make me happy. We planted it next to the patio – it gets a lot of sun but the soil is poor and shallow on top of the foundation of the house. Nevertheless it has settled and grown into a strong, healthy plant, rewarding us with flawless, large flowers combining rich, yellow blooms and light, sweet fragrance.

Ancient Mariner

A lovely David Austin Rose that is strong and healthy like the ancient mariners! What I like about this rose is that the color of the flower changes as the bud opens up. The bud starts with a pale pink color. Then suddenly it opens up to a surprising, pretty lavender like pink! It’s large, elegant flowers and pure pink color make it look like a queen in my book. It is supposed to have strong fragrance after a couple of years. I’ll be waiting!



Daron and I love fuchsias. We were impressed by the huge fuchsia hanging baskets when we visited the Butchart Gardens last year in British Columbia. This year we bought seven fuchsia baskets from our Squak Mountain Nursery. They have been blooming non-stop since May. Daron built an automated drip-watering system, which works really well. They are so healthy and big, a pair of birds built a nest in it (It helped that we brushed Cassie’s hair on the lawn). Humming birds couldn’t get enough of them!



Based on a friend’s recommendation, I got three Eden climbing roses. I’m so glad I did! The flowers are beyond pretty. They start out just slightly pinkish, and then their edges turn brilliantly pink, which contrast beautifully with the white petals. As time goes by their flowers turn pinkish white. They are quintessential English roses. It took them awhile to bloom but once you see them bloom, you will forget about the wait 🙂 This is a rose that everyone should have. The flowers are so big (4 inches), they need support to stay upward. We’ve got trellis for them to climb on and get some support. They are happy in our backyard along the south facing fence and shed, even with our often cloudy pacific northwest weather!

Pretty Lady Rose

This is pretty lady rose, one of the roses Daron and I planted in spring of 2020. It is the first one to bloom and most prolific of my first year roses.  Rich, even pink flowers, with handsome, glossy, dark green leaves. Its flowers are big! They are 5 inches in diameter. The flowers stay in the vase for at least a couple of days, longer if you cut them fresh. Nice, pleasant fragrance, not the least bit overwhelming. It’s a strong, healthy plant, happy in a container.