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Dewey Lake hike in the foothills of Mount Rainier

A great day’s hiking (roughly 7 miles) close to Mount Rainier.  I took along a travel fly rod and managed to hook a couple of little trout in Dewey Lake.

Dewey Lake 005Dewey Lake 006Dewey Lake 015Dewey Lake 114Dewey Lake 085Dewey Lake 104Dewey Lake 052Dewey Lake 119Dewey Lake 122Dewey Lake 009Dewey Lake 031Dewey Lake 034Dewey Lake 060Dewey Lake 135Dewey Lake 159Dewey Lake 070Dewey Lake 102

Dewey Lake 072 Stitch

Dewey Lake 105 Stitch

Dewey Lake 109 Stitch


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Lake Lenice

It was a 3am start this morning before a drive out to Lake Lenice.  We arrived just before dawn and were out on the lake as the sun came up.  Apparently it was slow fishing today with us getting only three fish between us but given that these were all in the 18-19″ range there was no reason for complaint.

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Rattlesnake Lake


pam-cam-in-seattle-040 pam-cam-in-seattle-046





Tough going in a pontoon kick-boat on Rattlesnake.  The wind often blows down through the valley and once down a the far end of the lake it was hard work pushing back against the breeze.

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Fishing on Beaver Lake

Up early and out on Beaver Lake in the canoe. We didn’t catch anything but the boys enjoyed paddling and Ben was in charge of the motor/steering this time out. 

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Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake is an hour or so hike from the the nearest road.  The water is crystal clear and, even in July, was surrounded by snow.  Given its relatively remote location few people venture there to fish. 

The scenery is breathtaking.