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Sunday bike ride

Last minute decision – we loaded up our bikes into the car and headed down to Redmond.  From there we biked up to Woodinville, Bothell (and beyond) along the Sammamish River Trail and then the Gillman Burke Trail.  Roughly 20miles there and back.  Jack came off his bike towards the end and needed patching up using my Wilderness First Aid skills.  His watch was totally destroyed and front brake lever bent…a quick trip to REI sorted both of these.


Woodinville Bike Ride 002Woodinville Bike Ride 003Woodinville Bike Ride 004Woodinville Bike Ride 006Woodinville Bike Ride 007Woodinville Bike Ride 008

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Stop Ben! Perhaps I should have said “There’s a Bear!”

OK, the bear is very difficult to see but you can just about make it out.  Ben nearly runs it down on the trail but brakes about 30ft short.  You will probably need to watch this several times to see the black smudge move up the left-hand-side of the bank in front of Ben.  The bear then sat next to a tree and casually watched us for 3-4 minutes (while I was taking the pictures posted in the previous blog entry).  We caught this on video because Jack was wearing a GoPro.

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Hyak to Rattlesnake with a bike and a bear!

The boys wanted to repeat their Iron Scout biking trip on the Iron Horse Trail…and we had our first encounter with a bear when Ben, leading us, nearly ended up with a 200lb black bear sitting on his handlebars.


Hyak to Rattlesnake Bike 002Hyak to Rattlesnake Bike 004Hyak to Rattlesnake Bike 005Hyak to Rattlesnake Bike 007Hyak to Rattlesnake Bike 008Hyak to Rattlesnake Bike 010Hyak to Rattlesnake Bike 011Hyak to Rattlesnake Bike 014Hyak to Rattlesnake Bike 016Hyak to Rattlesnake Bike 017Hyak to Rattlesnake Bike 018Hyak to Rattlesnake Bike 021Hyak to Rattlesnake Bike 023Hyak to Rattlesnake Bike 032