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Tenderfoot Trail Outing

We’ve just come back from a wonderful Tenderfoot Trail hike outing, 4 days, 20miles and 3 nights camping.  Here are some of the highlights…

Olallie Lake

TFT Outing 037TFT Outing 041TFT Outing 042 Stitch (1280x333)
TFT Outing 049TFT Outing 054TFT Outing 058TFT Outing 065
TFT Outing 080
TFT Outing 069TFT Outing 081

Island Lake

TFT Outing 088 StitchTFT Outing 100 StitchTFT Outing 097TFT Outing 118TFT Outing 138TFT Outing 143TFT Outing 144TFT Outing 145TFT Outing 147TFT Outing 149TFT Outing 158TFT Outing 168

Mason Lake and Little Bandera Mountain

TFT Outing 206 Stitch (1280x375)TFT Outing 173TFT Outing 182TFT Outing 192TFT Outing 195TFT Outing 204


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