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Blake Island

Horse shoes, kayaking and fishing kept us entertained this Labor Day weekend on Blake Island.  Met up with some friends from last year and had a lovely evening finishing with a pumpkin pie.  The boys managed to catch what we think is a salmon-gilled nudibranch (coryphella salmonacea) – the photo below was taken in our bucket!

Update – 17 September – looks like the beastie is actually an Alabaster Nudibranch (white-lined dirona) or Dirona albolineata.  Bing used a picture of a nudibranch on its main page which took me here the main photo looks the same as the one we found.

Blake Island 003 Blake Island 004 Blake Island 010  Blake Island 023
Blake Island 028 Blake Island 029  Blake Island 035
Blake Island 031

Blake Marina

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