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Beaver Lake geocaching on a sunny afternoon

A lovely afternoon walk in the park next to Beaver Lake.  Snow on the ground but not a cloud in the sky.  The boys really enjoyed running through the trails and searching for the hidden geocaches.  

Beaver Lake is approximately 80 acres of tranquil water located on the southern stretch of Sammamish. The lake consists of three interconnected bodies of water known as Beaver Lake 1, 2, and 3. The Beaver Lake watershed (1,100 acres) has many streams, wetlands, and lakes which remain intact, including three number-1-rated, unique and outstanding wetlands.  The lake has beavers (clearly) and offers a good source of food to bald eagles and ospreys (I’ve fished this lake on a floating pontoon whilst these birds have been swooping out of the sky to take fish from the lake).


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