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Programming Gadgeteer

Messing about with a Gadgeteer kit.  This one has the following sensors/gadgets:

  • GPS (top)
  • Temperature and humidity (upper right)
  • SD Card (right)
  • Camera (bottom)
  • Power module (left/red)
  • LED (left)

I have it all working ready to attach to a balloon and send up as a weather experiment with the scouts (they won’t get my code, they will have to program it themselves).  Anyway, to test whether it works I pointed it at a clock and let it take pictures every minute (it was also recording temperature, GPS position and humidity but that is boring as it was just sat inside the house).  Anyway, I love the video as it is reminiscent of early cinematography.  The camera is low-res so its not worth playing the video in a large window.


Time Lapse Created with Gadgeteer kit